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For over 55 years, GTV男同基地鈩 has met the hot melt and cold glue machinery needs of manufacturers from a wide range of industries. We have thousands of systems in operation worldwide in packaging, product assembly, converting, electronics, construction, automotive, aerospace and the printing industries.

Originally, our company started out as a distributor of industrial equipment, but over time, we鈥檝e grown to a full-scale manufacturer of聽 quality industrial adhesive machinery聽 and a large supplier of adhesives.

At GTV男同基地, our guiding principles are as follows:

  • Manufacture the finest adhesive machines and equipment in the industry
    We鈥檙e committed to providing our customers with a wide selection of high quality, user-friendly adhesive machinery. All of our products are built to the highest standards in our Baltimore, MD facility to include assembly areas, the Glue Diligence testing lab, parts, and adhesive warehouse, service center, and customer service center, so we are sure to exceed the performance expectations of our customers.
  • Go above and beyond to ensure remarkable customer experiences
    For over half a century, we鈥檝e been dedicated to making sure our customers are always fully satisfied with our products and services. Your satisfaction is our top priority. One way we go the extra mile is through our unique Glue Diligence service 鈥 a technical service we offer where we analyze your needs and provide smart recommendations for the ideal adhesive and application method for your particular manufacturing process.
  • Offer low prices for the best value
    Not only do we offer the best adhesive equipment in the industry, but we also price all of our products competitively to help you save on this important investment. It鈥檚 world-class quality and unbeatable value.

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