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Label Gluers and Roll Coaters

GTV男同基地 offers a complete line of label roller machines for applications of all sizes and types. Whether you need labeling equipment for product labeling, package labeling or even pallet labeling, we have the right adhesive coating machine or glue roller machine for your particular application. Our adhesive systems are used daily in an array of industries, including aerospace, automotive, packaging and a host of other fields that demand the highest level of performance.

Browse our full line of label roller machines below:

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Label Gluer - Hand Driven

6, 8.5 and 12" wide roll coater to apply liquid adhesive View Product

Label Gluer - Lite

Table top label pasting machine for applying paper labels up to 11.5" wide. View Product

R Gluer - Industrial Cold Glue Rollcoater

The R Gluer applies water based glues with absolute precision to thin flexible substrates up to semi rigid materials ... View Product

Label Gluer - Industrial

Motor Driven - 6, 8.5, or 12 inch widths. View Product

Label Gluer - Heavy Duty

Motor Driven - 12" and 18" Label Gluer for High Volume applications. View Product

Z Gluer - Roller Label Gluer

Cold glue adhesive coating machine available to 60 inches. View Product

Duplex Press 20

The Duplex Press 20 Pinch Roller System compresses two sheets of paper together with glue between them. View Product

Rotary Compression Machine

Nip-roller press for pressing and smoothing glued sheets of paper, board, and similar materials. View Product

Nip Roll Compression System

For bonding of glued materials - flexible or rigid materials up to 1/2" thick. View Product