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Cold Glue Systems

Your Source for the Best Cold Glue Systems and Components

At GTV男同基地, we offer a line of quality cold glue systems that deliver accurate and repeatable cold glue dispensing for your special applications. From automatic cold glue systems to cold glue handgun systems, all of our products are designed to be easy to use, reliable, and competitively priced. Our innovative and world-class quality equipment and components are used by clients around the world for a wide array of applications.

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GTV男同基地: The Smart Choice for a Cold Gluing System

Why do manufacturers around the world trust GTV男同基地 as their adhesive equipment supplier? We offer:

World-class equipment: When it comes to cold glue systems, you won鈥檛 find better equipment anywhere else. Our systems will allow you to apply water-based adhesives with total precision using our handguns, rollcoaters, bulk automatic application systems, pressure vessels, pumps, and pattern controllers.

Great value: With GTV男同基地, you鈥檒l always get the best adhesive equipment at the best prices. Our aggressive pricing ensures you get a great value on your cold gluing system.

Excellent customer service: We鈥檙e committed to making your shopping experience the very best it can be. Our experts are here to help you choose the perfect cold glue system for your particular application. Glue Diligence is a unique technical service we offer to guide you in finding the right adhesive and application method for your manufacturing process.