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Protective Packaging

Beyond The Styrofoam Peanuts: Protective Packaging

Today鈥檚 protective packaging goes far beyond the Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap of the past. With advances in packaging materials and adhesives, as well as the growing popularity of custom-designed protective packaging, it鈥檚 worth reviewing your current packaging needs to see if there are better protective packaging options available.

Let鈥檚 learn more about why protective packaging is so important, and what to consider when reviewing potential protective packaging solutions.

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Why Protective Packaging Matters

One of the most common types of protective packaging surrounds the product with bonding foam, buffering it from outside forces and ensuring it arrives at the end-user intact and in working condition. Thanks to this, your product and its packaging arrive at its intended destination unscathed, which means you can anticipate fewer returns and fewer non-saleable items 鈥 creating a positive impact on your bottom line.

Additionally, protective packaging gives you more control over creating a quality end-user experience. Whether it鈥檚 the clerk who will be stocking your items on the store shelves or the grandparents ordering your product for their new grandchild, protective packaging will help ensure that customer interaction with your product doesn鈥檛 begin with disappointment or frustration.

Protective Packaging on Grocery Store Items

Protective Packaging Considerations

As you鈥檙e exploring packaging options and adhesives for protective packaging, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind:

  • What do you want to protect? Different items require radically diverse types of protection. For example, the kind of protective packaging needed for sheet glass is completely different from the protective packaging needed for tennis shoes. Remember that the type of adhesive needed for your protective packaging solution will also differ based on your choice of protection 鈥 for example, a bonding foam solution requires a hot melt adhesive, while cardboard divisions or fitments may use water-based cold glue.
  • What is its value? Custom-designed protective packaging can be expensive, but it can also provide a much greater level of protection. Does your product鈥檚 value justify the expenditure on customized packaging, or is there an off-the-shelf solution that makes more sense?
  • What will the packaging be subjected to? Variables like the weight of the product, the length of the shipping or storage time, and the temperature extremes the package will likely encounter should all factor into your decision.
  • How will protective packaging impact your overall packaging speed? Fast application is important to most manufacturers. Before deciding on a specific protective packaging solution, make sure you understand what, if any, result it will have on your overall packaging process.

Would My Business Benefit From Protective Packaging?

Certainly, using protective packaging is the best way to ensure that your product arrives at its destination exactly as you desire. Though as you鈥檙e researching protective packaging solutions, it鈥檚 important that you keep a number of factors in mind. Need a little guidance? GTV男同基地 is here to help you explore your protective packaging options and decide which ones would work best for you.

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