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Gummy Glue: Benefits and Common Uses

Gummy glue is a hot melt adhesive used across a variety of industries, notably marketing and advertising. Readers likely encountered this glue without even knowing what it is when perusing a magazine with sample inserts or receiving peel-off promotional materials in the mail.

In the article below, we provide an overview of gummy glue, its uses, and some considerations for manufacturers.

What is Gummy Glue?

Gummy glue is a low-temperature hot melt adhesive commonly used in marketing applications where one object (a sample, coupons, credit cards, etc.) is glued to another surface. While print media has been declining as a result of the Internet and the growth of digital marketing, companies continue to produce tangible sales collateral for in-person events, such as trade shows or meetings with prospective clients. Additionally, this adhesive has grown in popularity as credit cards became more ubiquitous with the most recent data from 2018 showing聽a total of around the US.

On another note, gummy glue goes by other names that may be more familiar to individuals. These include fugitive glue, credit card glue, e-z release glue, or booger glue.

promotional pens glued to piece of paper







Common Uses of Gummy Glue

  • Credit cards
  • Sample peel-offs in magazines for cologne or body lotion
  • Mailers
  • Envelopes

Pros and Cons of Gummy Glue


  • Easy application using an industrial hot melt glue gun, like the Champ 3
  • Works well with substrates, like paper, without leaving permanent marks after being removed
  • Short open time, which means a solid bond is made between substrates almost immediately after application
  • Low cost as you’d be buying the adhesive in bulk


  • Adhesives have limited resealability.
  • Assembly of products cannot be staged as bonds must be made while hot.

Don’t Gum Up Your Marketing Materials with the Wrong Hot Melt Solution

The team at GTV男同基地 is here to help manufacturers identify, purchase, and maintain the right gummy glue adhesives and applicators for their specific needs. Get started with our free, four-step Glue Diligence program.


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